December 29th, 2019
Your Teen’s Obesity and Health Issues Lingers Longer Beyond Size
As a parent, only a few things are more adorable than your teen with chubby cheeks. But this condition might turn into a serious health concern for your teen in ...
November 21st, 2019
Let’s Talk to Your Teen Before You Need to Talk About Getting Off Drugs
Before the endless cycle of drug treatments, therapy and drug counselors and worse begin to circle your home like a tornado that won’t slow down. Let’s get to ...
October 24th, 2019
The Power of Saying “No” to Sexual Activities Among Teens – Sure is Priceless
Listen up parents, your teen is at that age where hormones are speaking louder than words! You’ve had the talk and now you are hoping it sticks and stands ...
September 17th, 2019
Teenage Bullying is On the Rise and The Consequences Even More Severe
As a parent, guardian, family member or friend you are by now been exposed to someone you know being a bully, bullied or both, but for a teen, it’s ...

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