What is Licensee Network?

The UOLSS™ License Network offers educational workshops customized to help college students and teens think through scenarios in their social worlds today.  Dedicated to helping UOLSS™ participants cut through the chaotic daily messages and simplifying actions that create desired results.

We offer quality and standards that ensure ONLY QUALIFIED Individuals and Organizations will be Licensed to offer these training, products, and presentations.  More importantly, providing unique ideas, inspiration to benefit both the Licensed Train-the-Trainer and participant(s) experiences and growth. 

UOLSS™ Workshops of Excellence.

Individuals – where Individuals are Licensed to deliver UOLSS™ Workshops

Organizations – where Schools, Colleges or Universities are Licensed to deliver UOLSS™ Workshops

*Client License – Where we were in a joint venture arrangement with some of our current clients

To begin the process, contact us for more information about being a member of our Global Marketing Team as an UOLSS™ Licensee. Learn more about our UOLSS™ License Offer by attending our upcoming events on creating even more opportunities and income.

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