Let's face it. The world can be a very negative place. All you have to do is turn on the news, take a walk under a bridge here in New Orleans and see the mattresses of the homeless, or sit alone for a long enough time that every misstep you've taken in life will cloud your mind with self doubt. With so much negatively out there, how does a person live a positive life? How does s/he make a difference, when so many people seem to have given up, falling somewhere between fatalist fallacies and Machiavellian maneuverings? We are all so limited by mortality and by our own beliefs, the ones we've been taught and the ones we teach ourselves. How does a person rise above it all in the spirit of love?

Sandra B. Tate has the answers to these questions and many more. She creates a "scientific method" to overcoming life's struggles and moving towards a positive and fulfilling life. The book speaks heavily of having self value, knowing who you are in order to know what you truly want and what you truly need, as well as knowing where you are in order to know where you're going vs where you want to go vs where you really need to go.

What I love about this book is that it isn't vague at all and it is very instructional. There are exercises, and as a teacher, I greatly appreciate these writing prompts because they are quite thought-provoking. I also love the book being full of great quotes. Sandra is very specific in her descriptions and in her advice. There are sections dedicated to improving your health, turning the negative thoughts, habits, and experiences into a foundation of lessons learned and positive growth, and there are plenty of example given and findings to support Sandra's message that while the world can be a negative place, it's full of beauty and full of chances for success.

I have recommended this wonderful book to so many of my friends. I'm honored to know Sandra B. Tate. She's a truly caring person and it's reflected in this outstanding work of hers. She may be the ballsy coach, but this book was clearly written from the heart.

Gavin Christian Brown

Good evening Sandra,

I finished reading your book today, and must say that I loved it! I reflected on some of our prior conversations during our sessions as I read. I must say that I really didn't realize just how much you helped me until these last few months. Probably your most beneficial guidance came from side conversations about your personal life. That is how I was introduced to "Conversations with God" and "The Law of Attraction". Those readings opened me up to a whole other dimension within myself. Though I had always been an advocate of personal growth, you showed me that I still have so much more to learn (the teacher appeared!!). I continue to read books from Joseph Murphy, John C. Maxwell, Earl Nightingale, James Allen and Napoleon Hill (just to name a few).

My fear of failure is slowly subsiding with the power of positive thinking and the certainty of knowing that failure is only an illusion. I took my MCAT last Wednesday. I feel okay about it, but I know that no matter what I scored, it isn't over until I WIN!!

In order for me to obtain all these things that I want to accomplish, I now know that my main objective has to be focused on being the best Sabrina I can be. That way I am prepared for anything that comes my way (relationship, success, set backs, etc.).

Though through the years I have been frustrated on what I think should be my "progression" in life, I can look back at certain instances and recognize people who were strategically placed in my life during these times in order to enrich it. Had it not been for the stagnant "progression" that exacerbated me so much, I would have lost out in valuable life lessons that I am sure aided me in being an overall better person. The universe does not take something away without giving something back.
Again, I just want to express my gratitude..And congratulations on a well orchestrated book.

Gavin C. Brown

5.0 out of 5 stars - A must read for those tired for being stuck in the rat race of life!!

I have had the pleasure of working with Sandra for about 9 months before taking a sabbatical in order to prepare myself huge career move. After reading Sandra's book I felt compelled to send her a personal email for 1) writing such a exceptional book that purposely and ingeniously leaves out the unnecessary fluff and 2) playing such a huge role in helping become the best person I can be. I can say first hand that she practice what she preach. In her book, she has given the tools for a successful, happy balanced life. On those days when I were not completely receptive, she would often tell me, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear"..Sounded like mombo jumbo at the time, but oh was she right. I recommend this book to any young woman who is stuck in the rat race of life and in search for the truth - that there is so much more to life that you can ever imagine. And it all starts with you! Below is the email that I sent to Sandra expressing my sincere gratitude.


Dear Coach Tate,

You have been such an amazing influence on my life this year. You have helped me to grow both as a player in the business world and in my overall level of confidence.

Your sincere concern for me is obvious, and I can only hope that you will continue to be my good coach. Thank you for the piece you have up there. Keep up the good work!

Olawale Latinwo

Thank you so much, Ms. Tate, for your motivating classroom teaching on self-worth in the workplace. Many of us in America are selling ourselves short when it comes to letting our potential employer know how much we need to get paid as a salary. I think that your teachings come at a very good time, and I’ve realized that ‘A job is not the same thing as a career,’ as one of your students proclaimed. We need to raise the bar if we are to acclaim our self worth in the work force. Thanks, Sandra, for this information. Keep coaching us all to be successful in all aspects of life. You are truly a wonderful person.

Alton Tatum

Sandra’s story is a benchmark for adults and other children who now share the same experiences of mental and emotional abuse from parents and guardians alike. However, she turned tragedy into triumph by discovering her God-given talents early in life by focusing on both academics and being gutsy to go for after her dreams. But Sandra never plays the victim, only the victor. Her journey needs to be shared with the rest of the world who suffers from the same or even more difficult experiences.

Derrick Muhammad

Sandra B. Tate’s Positively R.A.W. is the must-read book of the decade for anyone wanting to reinvent their lives, empower their spirit, and achieve beyond their wildest dreams! I consult with Sandra monthly to keep me focused on what matters and to get out of my own way. I strongly advise others to do the same!

Philippe SHOCK Matthews - Host,The Phillipe Matthews Show aka The “Oprah of the Internet”

As a woman and a business owner it is hard to find that right clique with other women business owners.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy when I met Ms. Tate. I instantly knew that I needed her to coach me and help me build my personal brand. She is not only professional in her approach to helping women, she gets down to the deep core of what is really going on. As a person who was raised to not tell all your business out in the street, I can honestly say that she is not only professional but she doesn’t repeat your personal struggles to anyone.

“I can honestly say that now since I’ve known Ms. Tate a few years she is one of my most trusted, dearest friends as well as a sounding board to help me though whatever difficulties that I may be facing. I would tell people to run, don’t walk, in Ms. Tate’s direction to help you get yourself to the next level of your personal and ‘Ballsy’ Best.

Eula M. - Young-Guest COO Groit’s Roll Film Production & Services, Inc.

I find Sandra Tate’s ‘Success PowerTalks’ most inspiring and motivational. Here’s a young woman who understands the dynamics of how to achieve success and is willing to share this with her audience and readers worldwide.

Pauline a Reid - CEO Corporate Connections

Sandra is a great motivator, trainer, and speaker. She has definitely transformed my way of thinking and helped me to ‘Get Ballsy’ and define what’s important to me to reclaim my life again.

Wanda Figueroa

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