Teen Depression – A Mental Problem Needing Deeper Understanding and Support

Published February 10th, 2020 by Tateworks LLC

As a parent, guardian or friend who does not have this medical condition, it will be hard to really connect on the level required to make a difference, but you must. A deeper understanding and due compassion can make a difference in a world where a teen can sink or swim in loneliness and desperation.

Quick Overview

Simply, teen depression is first a medical condition that can with time, become a serious mental health problem. It causes one a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in most social or personal activities. The affects twerps how your teenager behaves, feels and think daily which can cause physical, functional or emotional issues. There isn’t a set time or phase when this occurs, but the signs may vary from teen to adulthood.

For parents, the issues such as academic expectations, peer pressures and the physical changes of the bodies are tumultuous alone and scary times. However, for teens, these ups and downs are much more than just temporary – they are a real symptom of depression. Wherefrom where he or she is positioned even more scary, lonely and exasperating because those who aren’t depressed – really don’t understand.

Even with the most nurturing relationships and love from a parent who might feel that with the right attitude and will power you can change things. It doesn’t quite work like that. Most likely your teen will need long-term treatments. For most teens, depression symptoms may quiet down with the right treatment which includes medication and psychological counseling. Of course, tons of support along the way.


Teen depression signs and symptoms may include a change from the teenager’s previous baseline attitude and behavior. This can cause noticeable distress and increased problems at school, home or in social settings. Basically, you can look for emotional changes (loss of interest, irritability, frustration or feelings of anger even over small things, low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, crying spells, ongoing sense that life and future is grim to death, dying and suicidal thoughts) and behavioral changes such as (tiredness and loss of energy, insomnia or sleeping too much, use of alcohol and drugs, social isolation, poor school performance, self-harm (cutting, burning, excessive tattoos and piercings), making suicide plans or suicide attempts which affects every facet of your teens life or, unfortunately, even death.

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