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  • Your teens gets intimidated easily?
  • Do bullies and other bad behavior make you vulnerable and leave them being an outsider in a group? 
  • What forces you to adopt toxic habits like vaping, in the first place?
  • Are you vaping to quit smoking or following others because you believe that it is less harmful than smoking?
  • Do you just enjoy the different flavors of e-juices? 

Latest Info on Vaping Illness and Death

Being a Teenager can feel completely challenging or just plain confusing – Isn’t it?

Let’s face it, you try so hard to fit in or look cool in front of those who more popular, rich, or even bullies who seemed to get ahead. You had to make choices to survive or be accepted at any cost. Even if these choices weren’t who you really are inside. Choices that led you down the path of all kinds of disasters.

5 Reasons Why Teens Vape So Much

Choices like vaping...?

E-cigarettes are "primarily for nicotine, but also to ingest THC,” Willett said. “Both are drugs, and both are drugs that nobody wants young people to use.” Grant, Willett, and Stern are among those who link the surge in teen-age vaping to the launch of JUUL in 2015. The company sells colorful vaping devices that use “pods" disguising the taste of nicotine with fruity or candy-flavored vapor. Each pod can contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

Why is vaping so bad for teenagers?

Teen Vaping Factoids

What is the real risk behind teen vaping?

The teen years are critical for brain development, which continues into young adulthood. Young people who use nicotine products in any form, including e-cigarettes, are uniquely at risk for long-lasting effects

Why do so many teens vape?

When it comes to why teens themselves say they vape, many of their reasons have a social connection. In the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey, middle and high school students named their top reasons for trying e-cigarettes as: “They see a friend or family member vaping, and they want to try it,” Richter says

News Articles

Teen Vaping: The Other Epidemic

“We were in the midst of almost a social contagion of the spread of e-cigarettes across high schools in the United States and suddenly when COVID came, everything closed and everything became remote…”

"The small and concealable design of e-cigarettes (often replicating flash drives or highlighters) allow underage youth to continue to hide and use e-cigarettes at home, even with family members nearby."

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We can help you outgrow the habit of vaping with our series of workshops.

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They are the bright future of tomorrow - starting today we are dedicated - with your help - to not risk their future prospects by drowning into the so-called cool culture of vaping! Vaping JUST IS NOT!!

UOLSuperstarsTM  want them to know the importance of good health is more important than any trend you can follow, especially with COVID-19 lurking in their futures. The coolness lies in knowing that one don’t have to give up your health for a few moments of “Coolness” with their friends. Sign up for access to our series of workshops and help your teens to learn ways to find their own strength to true self, to revive their life goals and to shut down bullies with confidence!

Our team on-board

UOLS workshops will be conducted and partnered with high school faculty, parents and certified facilitators.

You will have the help of our special mentor and friend, the Anti-Vaping Queen Character, who will introduce you to The Ex-Squad, where all the members were once victims of vaping, but - after attending our workshops - they are here to help you get through this phase too!

About Sandra

Sandra B. Tate hails from Camberwell, London, England but spent much of her childhood in sunny Montego Bay, Jamaica. She attended City and East London College in Great Britain and moved to New York City in 1984. Here she studied communications and psychology in the heart of Manhattan, at Hunter College. While attending Hunter, Ms. Tate became a SEEK peer mentor and a member of the SEEK Provost Committee. It was here that her love for mentoring and sharing open dialogue to solve important, personal issues solidified, leading her to become, as she describes it, a "Helper of Womankind".

Sandra launched herself with much gusto into the world of work. Shortly after graduating in 1990, she began working as a special assistant to New York State Senator David Paterson. She later held executive assistant positions with the New York Public Library, Toshiba America, Inc. and Ann Taylor. Following this, Ms. Tate graduated to a role as an information technology consultant for both McKinsey & Co. and Arthur Andersen. She also served as a technical project leader in the information technology solutions group at Deloitte & Touché, where she performed advanced-level research, planning and testing of new technology and related services.

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Say NO to vaping! Say YES to life!

The Process

Whether online or offline, attend our workshops if you desire to live a controlled and less complicated teenage journey. You can take control and get off and stay off vaping successfully. They say a teaspoon of prevention is better than a bottle of a cure for a reason. Seizing this opportunity to attend a UOLS’ Anti-vaping series of workshops are designed with your success in mind. Your life and health are very important so let’s put them in the driver’s seat.

Vaping and its adverse effects:

Is Vaping Harmful?

Does Vaping have serious and harmful effects on your mind, body, and health?

Do you know vaping has deadly effects on your mind and health?

Teens have experienced dry mouth, throat irritation, cough, and shortness of breath, adding that there are also potential long-term effects, like heart disease or stroke - even death!

We can help you outgrow the habit of vaping with our series of workshops that will give you a list of detrimental experiences you might go through if you stick to vaping. Exposure to nicotine and other toxic chemicals Lung damage, wearing off teeth, or worse… DEATH… As addictive as smoking! Let’s walk you out of that messy life. Get ready to learn about some disturbing facts on vaping and then ask yourself, is this all worth it?

Vaping risk during COVID-19:

Studies suggest that vaping during the break of COVID-19 has severely increased the chances of victims under the age of 13-24. As a young, intelligent teen, think about this. 

Are you being fair to your health? Or to those who love and support you? To your parents?

Overcome vaping positively:

Let’s face it - being a teen is a balancing act that can get tricky at times. As you get older it becomes more challenging –LIFE is an unknown journey! What happens if as a fighter you decide to give up in the first round? To lose is to have no hope, no happiness, or a future.

Building your confidence is key to take on any opponent to have no confidence is like having 50 LBS. strap to your back while climbing up a hill. That’s how vaping will affect your health, confidence, self-esteem, and happiness.

Fight bullying with self-confidence:

Bullies are very clever, they play with your fears, all that makes them happy and fulfilled is other people’s weaknesses. Do you think vaping makes you look strong in front of them? No! It makes you a follower who weakly gave in! Be a part of our workshops and gain back that lost courage, be YOU! Don’t hide your identity behind destructive habits.

UOL workshops will take you on a step by step journey on how to defeat bullies and your personally nurtured fears.

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Let’s have a heart to heart

Ask whatever haunts you in the Q/A section. Our squad answers all your queries responsively!

Every session of this workshop will give you the opportunity to speak about your fears, our team will support you in finding the best possible solutions to getting rid of them.

So Sign Up for UOL Anti-Vaping Series of workshops now and be your own Superstar for Life!

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